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The Battlepedia is very simple to use for anyone who has accessed other online encyclopedia sites.

Simply click into the Battlepedia site and you will be invited to select from Characters, Weaponry or Locations related to the Battle of Bannockburn. This will launch you into the world of Bannockburn – its people, its places and its weapons of warfare.

The individual entries on the Battlepedia site are designed to provide an open-ended and flexible resource to support classroom learning. They can be used as a research tool for you, the teacher, or to support pupils with classroom work and research projects.

The digital images and videos are also designed to be user friendly and uploaded for anything that suits the needs of your class. For example, for use on whiteboards, worksheets, posters or as part of pupil projects and presentations.

Each entry also contains hyperlinks to all other relevant areas of the site and suggestions for other connected entries to explore. This will allow you and your pupils to roam freely and safely through the site and uncover its many stories.

Our interactive quizzes also provide a quick assessment tool to test your pupils’ knowledge of what they have discovered in the Battlepedia.

Let pupils have a go themselves and earn their own Battlepedia certificates, or use them as part of an end of project classroom team quiz.

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The sma’ folk also made their mark on the battlefield