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Medieval Life in Scotland

Get up close and personal with Scotland’s past

The Battle of Bannockburn Experience can allow your class to explore medieval life from a very different perspective.

Hear about the lives of medieval characters from all walks of life - from high ranking knights to lowly peasants. Let them tell you their stories from the time of Bannockburn and bring medieval Scotland to life.

You can also get hands on with history in our facilitated workshops that allow pupils to explore medieval life through objects and source materials.

More from the Battlepedia

Discover more about aspects of medieval life with our Battlepedia. Explore the people and places that made the Battle of Bannockburn a key event in Scotland’s medieval history.

A medieval alewife – hear her story at Bannockburn
Men from all over Scotland fought at Bannockburn, including many Gaelic speaking soldiers from the Western Isles

More from the Battlepedia


From Robert the Bruce to the Welsh archer, learn more about the characters who helped determine the outcome.

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Find out more about the key locations and how they determined the tactics – and outcome – of the battle.

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Take the Character quiz to test your knowledge of the Knights that took part in the Battle of Bannockburn

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