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Creative Responses

There are a variety of different ways in which a visit to Bannockburn could inspire creative responses from your class.

Why not try one of the following:

Art and design

Medieval armies would actually have created a colourful site.  Heraldry played an important role on the battlefield in identifying individual knights and displaying rank and status.

Why not get your class to create their own coats of arms to represent themselves and produce a colourful wall display? 

Use the Characters section of our Battlepedia site for inspiration, where you can see detailed images of individual knights and their own particular coats of arms.


Use some of the stories around Bannockburn to create imaginary role play scenarios in the classroom.  For example:

-  The meeting between Bruce and Comyn at Greyfriars Church.
-  Alexander Seton’s defection to Bruce’s side on the night before the battle
-  English soldiers waking up on the Carse on the morning of the battle

See if you can get your pupils to come up with other ideas for role play scenarios.  They could use the Characters section of the Battlepedia to find out more about individual characters and the stories behind them.

Creative writing

The Battle of Bannockburn has inspired writers over the centuries, from John Barbour’s epic poem ‘The Brus’ to The Corries ‘Flower of Scotland’ right up to the present day and Kathleen Jamie’s new inscription at the rotunda monument.

Use a visit to Bannockburn and be inspired by the events, the experience and the landscape to create your class’ own written responses.  Why not use it as an opportunity to encourage your class to write a poem, story or script in Scots?

For shorter responses, pupils also have the option of sending a postcard to tell people about their Bannockburn experiences.

Social studies research projects

Our Battlepedia provides an excellent springboard for pupils to do their own group or individual research project on the battle. The Battlepedia allows pupils to explore various different aspects of the battle – the charactersweaponry, armour and locations.

Their research projects could be represented through displays, presentations or booklets, using the downloadable images contained in our extensive Battlepedia site.