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Conflict of Choice

Teacher’s guidance

The Battle of Bannockburn ‘Conflict of Choice’ package consists of a PowerPoint presentation designed to be used to stimulate conversations about the various reasons people have for fighting in battle.

The PowerPoint presents a variety of medieval characters from different walks of life. At the start of each character’s section there will be an introduction as to who they are and their life at the time of Bannockburn.

The slides will then progress to ask questions. Pupils might be given a choice between two options, for example do you fight or not? Or they might be questioned about an individual’s motivation behind a decision – for example why does a squire want to fight in a battle?

Once you have discussed answers with the class you can progress onto the next stage. Pupils will be presented with an argument for each case or some possible motivations that the character might have. These of course are not exhaustive and your class may well find the answers they come up with are different.

There are various ways that you can continue the discussions raised, perhaps by looking at the reasons people fight in wars today and how these reasons compare to those in medieval times or by using various creative responses to imagine what would happen to the characters after the battle.

The first character presented is that of Sir James Douglas, a real and very important knight. Pupils can use our online Battle Encyclopaedia to research what choices he made and how his life turned out.

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