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Planning your visit

Get the most out of Bannockburn Learning by planning your visit first

The Experience

The Battle of Bannockburn Experience is a thrilling interpretation of the characters and events of the battle.

Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with medieval warriors and armoured knights while learning about the tactics of two opposing kings in a truly immersive experience.

Witness the sights and sounds of medieval battle first-hand including ancient battle strategies, weapons and armour.



To complement your visit to the Experience we can also offer your class a workshop which will further investigate the themes of the battle. Pupils will have the opportunity to handle replica armour and weapons, visit the site where Robert Bruce trained his men, develop their own strategy and be trained in the art of forming a shiltron.

Workshops are suitable for all stages from Primary 4, through all levels of Primary and Secondary education, to Tertiary education modules and can be adapted to suit your pupils’ existing knowledge and relevant topic of study.


Visit Information

Full day (workshop and Experience; available Monday-Wednesday)  

£5 per pupil

Time: 10:00 arrival and 14:00 departure

Number of pupils: max. 33

Prices, Duration and Pupil Numbers


In order to book please email learningatbannockburn@nts.org.uk.


  • Dedicated education room
  • Replica armour and weapons
  • Fully accessible site

Risk Assessment

The Learning staff will prepare their own risk assessments for the activities they lead. All staff are Disclosure checked and have been through NTS in-house training courses.

A Battle of Bannockburn staff member will establish themself as the person in charge of the session but the class teacher will have responsibility for discipline throughout the visit.

  • Weapons and object handling will adhere to the NTS’s own guidelines.
  • Ensure your pupils have waterproof jackets for the visit to the monuments.
  • Paving slabs may be slippery when wet.
  • Please stay with your group at all times and be aware of where your pupils are.
  • The National Trust for Scotland asks that you bring one adult for every eight children and that there should always be two adults present with your group.
  • Within the Experience the lighting level is low, teachers are asked to ensure pupils do not run while in the space.
  • Within the Battle Room there are metal railings; pupils must be discouraged from climbing, swinging or otherwise playing on the bars.

For up-to-date coronavirus rules please see the Scottish Government website.

We recommend that, wherever possible, group leaders make a preparatory visit to the property free of charge to familiarise themselves with the site and identify any potential dangers as well as to help plan the visit. Familiarisation visits for teachers can be booked through the centre by emailing learningatbannockburn@nts.org.uk or call 01786 812 664.

Educational Resources

The expertise of our academic panel ensures we have some of the best research regarding the battle, the people who fought it, the weapons and armour and the locations involved. Using that knowledge we have created our Battle encyclopedia which has been designed to be used in the classroom. The imagery has been created by the same team who made our immersive Experience and in some cases can be examined from every angle.

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