Total Length: 110-125cm
Weight: 2.5-2.8 kg


The great sword, also called the ‘two-handed’ sword, was the largest type of fighting sword. There wasn't much difference between the war sword and the great sword - both were bigger weapons that could be used with two hands. However, the slightly smaller war sword could also be used in one hand. The true great sword, in contrast, could not. It was not nearly as heavy as people might think, but it was very big, made especially as a foot soldier's weapon. 

How was it used?

The great sword was definitely a knightly weapon, carried by the best, full-armoured warriors fighting on foot. It was still a quite new idea in 1314, so it probably would not have been that common at Bannockburn. Since it was a weapon used only by men-at-arms fighting on foot, the great sword would probably have been found only on the Scots side, in the hands of a few well-trained, battle-hardened Scottish knights.

The great sword’s massive size was especially effective against tightly-packed ranks of men. Swung in great, bloody arches striking several men with each frightening stroke, it could be used break up the enemy formation.