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Total Length: 60-75cm
Weight: 1-1.6 kg


The falchion usually had a single-handed handle, the same as the arming sword. However the falchion blade was very different. It was a bit like a machete.

There were two main types of falchion blade - the cleaver and the cusped forms. The cleaver falchion was like a giant butcher knife, with a wide blade and one sharp edge. The other edge was thick and unsharpened, forming the blade’s back.

The cusped falchion blade was narrower and sometimes slightly curved like a sabre. It was also single-edged and drawn out into a point, or cusped, a short distance from the point. Above that the ‘clipped’ point was sharp on both edges.

How was it used?

The falchion was a bit like an arming sword. The arming sword’s design balanced the ability to cut with the need also to be able to stab with the point. However, the falchion was really just used to cut and chop.

With a falchion, the medieval soldier hacked at his enemies, broke their bones, and split their skulls.