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Total Length: 75-90cm
Weight: 1-1.5kg


The arming sword was a short to medium-length sword used in one hand.

It had a simple handle made up of the guard which helped protect the hand, the grip, and the pommel on the end which helped to balance the weight of the blade.

The blade itself was quite wide, double-edged, and usually had a deep groove, called a 'fuller', down the middle on both sides to make the blade lighter without weakening it.

How was it used?

The arming sword was carried by all knights and men-at-arms. It was also used by other well-equipped soldiers, such as archers and heavy infantrymen. It was used both to cut with the sharp edges of the blade and to stab with the point.

In addition to his arming sword and dagger, the knight would choose an axe, mace, warhammer, war sword, great sword or other main weapon, depending on whether he was expecting to fight on foot or on horseback, and on his personal taste.