Total Length: 200- 275cm


The spear was one of the first weapons used in history. Any strong, reasonably straight stick can be made into a spear, by sharpening one end. A better approach, however, is to attach a spearhead made of some harder, more long lasting material.

By the fourteenth century iron and steel had been the standard spearhead materials for hundreds of years. The shaft of the medieval spear was made of a strong but light-weight wood, most usually ash.

How was it used?

A heavier, thicker spear with a high-quality steel head was the first strike weapon of a cavalry charge and in individual battles with other armoured horsemen. The end of the spear would be gripped in the underarm so that the speed of the charging horse would drive the weapon into the target.

Fully-armoured warriors also knew how to fight with their spears on foot. At Bannockburn many of the English infantry were armed with spears too.