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  • Great Axe

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Total Length: 120-150 cm
Weight: 1.2- 1.8kg


A fearsome two-handed shock weapon, the great axe was made up of a large, but surprisingly light, axe-blade and a strong wooden handle.

The blade was not especially thick, being more like a large butcher’s knife than a woodsman’s axe. It was designed to cut like a knife rather than split like a wedge.

How was it used?

The great axe, like other forms of war axe, was used both by the upper and lower classes. Although it would be easy to assume that it was purely a foot soldier’s weapon, in fact there is some evidence that knights and men-at-arms also used them on horseback to smash through the helmets of enemy cavalry.

Of course they were mostly used in infantry fighting, cleaving through the armour of men and even into the skulls of charging warhorses.