Total Length: 60- 120cm
Weight: 0.7-2 kg


Axes were some of the most common weapons on the early fourteenth-century battlefield.

Many different styles of head were fitted onto handles of many different lengths. Some had curved blades, while others were straight like a carpenter’s axe. Some included a back-spike or ‘fluke’ behind the blade, so that the weapon could be turned round in the hand and used to penetrate gaps in an opponent's armour.

How was it used?

Some war axes were short, single-handed weapons swung from horseback or used with a shield. Others were long enough to be used in two hands if desired, but were still light and agile enough to work well in one hand.

Robert the Bruce famously killed Henry de Bohun on the first day of Bannockburn, supposedly with his favourite axe, breaking it in the process.