Total Length: 60 cm
Weight: 1 kg


The mace was quite a small weapon, but was deadly in trained hands. The short wooden shaft, usually ash like other hafted weapons, had an iron or steel head bristling with a number of blade-like spikes or rows of studs.

How was it used?

At a time when flexible mail and textile armour was being worn by all ranks, weapons like the mace had quickly become commonly used.

The mace was designed to bruise and break the enemy’s body straight through such flexible armour. Only rigid plate armour could protect the body against these weapons.

Though it may have been used by other ranks, the mace was more likely to be used by high-ranking knights and men-at-arms. King Edward himself is described as using a mace at Bannockburn in one source.

However, its association with men of power is no doubt part of the reason why the mace, a close relative of the royal sceptre, was carried in important ceremonies as well as on the battlefield.