Total Length: 20-40 cm
Weight: 0.2- 0.4 kg


Daggers of this time often looked like miniature arming swords, with a small sword-like handle.

The blade could be either single or double-edged. Some may even have been made to match the design of the owner’s sword.

Other forms used in battle were probably no different than ordinary knives. It is easy to imagine that some might actually have been taken from the kitchen to the battlefield.

How was it used?

Fine-quality daggers were carried by all men-at-arms for fighting extremely close-up to the enemy.

Daggers and fighting knives were also carried by many other ranks of fighting man, depending on what they preferred. They were almost always used to attack with the point downwards in the hand, with powerful blows driving the point into weak points in an opponent's armour, such as the eyes, neck, elbow and knee joints, or the groin.