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  • New Park (Borestone)

    Raising the standard

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In 1314

The New Park was enclosed woodland used by Scottish kings for hunting. Just before the battle, Bruce withdrew his army from the Torwood where they had been training, and reassembled in the New Park. They gathered in the area between the Bannock Burn and a stone with a hole in it known as the Borestone. Traditionally, this stone was where Bruce raised his standard. This was where the fighting of 23 June is likely to have taken place, and was where Bruce and de Bohun had their famous encounter.


For centuries, people have visited the site of the Borestone to commemorate the battle. A saltire still flies here to mark the spot, which is also overlooked by the famous statue of Robert the Bruce on his horse. The Visitor Centre is located nearby, where the remains of the Borestone can still be seen.