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  • Gillies Hill

    High ground

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In 1314

Gillies Hill, to the south-west of Stirling, may have been where Bruce ordered his camp followers or ‘ghillies’ to sit out the battle with the Scottish baggage train, and from where they may have watched the events of 23 and 24 June.

According to one account of the batle, as it became clear that the English were suffering an unmistakeable defeat, the 'smale folk' poured off the hill and down on to the battlefield. The source claims that the English mistook the 'smale folk' for Scottish reinforcements and panicked, but in reality they may have been more interested in plundering the English camp than fighting. Another location for this may have been Coxet Hill.


Today Gillies Hill is a popular wooded hill for recreation and wildlife, with great views.