Who was he?

Clan leader of the powerful MacDonalds from the Isle of Islay, Angus Óg MacDonald was a valued ally of Robert Bruce.

He protected Bruce and his men when he was on the run in 1306, and had the power to mobilise large numbers of foot soldiers and fleets of sea-faring galleys.

Bruce and MacDonald had a common enemy in the form of the MacDougall lords of Lorne, who supported the Balliol claim to the throne.

At Bannockburn

According to later sources, when MacDonald and his men from Argyll and the Western Isles arrived at Bannockburn, Bruce greeted him warmly with the words, ‘is cunbhalach mo dhòchas annad - my hope is constant in thee.’

The islanders joined Bruce’s division, fighting in the New Park (where the Centre now stands) on the first day and serving as the Scottish reserve division on the second. Once Bruce was sure the English were close to breaking point, the isanders charged at the chaotic English ranks, causing them to panic and flee.

After Bannockburn

In the years that followed, the Macdonalds rose to become some of the most powerful Gaelic lords in Scotland. Angus Og's son John became the first person recorded as using the title dominus insularum, Lord of the Isles.