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  • Gambeson

    Padded protection

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Weight:  2-4 kg


As the main defensive garment, the gambeson was more thickly padded  than the aketon, and also a lot stiffer, especially in the torso. The padding would be made out of material stuffed in between two layers of cloth.

The gambeson could be short-sleeved, long-sleeved or worn without any sleeves at all. Long sleeved gambesons were sometimes worn with built in mittens, just like the hauberk.

How was it used?

A well-made linen armour could provide extremely good protection, especially if its padding was made up of additional layers of textile. It wouldn’t just stop swords and spears, but even arrows and crossbow bolts.

The cloth could be cut and slashed by blades, however, so such armours would have needed constant repair.