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Weight: 0.2-0.5 kg


The buckler was a small fist-shield, and could be made out of metal, wood, or even hardened leather.

It was usually much bigger than the fist gripping it by its handle. The buckler was usually circular, with a raised area, or boss, in the middle. The boss cupped the fist and gave the buckler additional strength.

How was it used?

The buckler was a ‘companion weapon’ to the arming sword. Already by the fourteenth century, sword and buckler fighting, or ‘fencing’, was a popular pastime in England, and a common method of self-defence.

A buckler was easy to carry, looped over the sword hilt. It was often carried by almost any foot soldier who carried a sword, if he was not already equipped with some other form of shield.

Bucklers were especially popular with archers, who might also be expected to throw down their bows and fight hand-to-hand.