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Weight: 1- 1.5 kg each


Metal plate armour for parts of the body, other than the head, were still quite new in 1314, and many fighting men still were not wearing any limb protection apart from their basic padded textile and mail garments.

The simplest plates, protecting the elbow, and sometimes also the upper and lower arm, were worn over the long sleeves of the hauberk, with the mail mittens or mufflers continuing to be the only protection for the hands.

The latest fashion however was to shorten the sleeves of the hauberk to the level of the mid-forearm, and to get rid of the mittens. The rigid armour for the lower arm was now worn separately.

This could be made of various hard materials, solid metal plate but also scales, or hardened leather or ‘splinted’ armour which mixed leather and metal.

In this case the hands were now protected by separate mail gloves, or, increasingly, plate gauntlets.