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Weight: 4-6 kg


Like the hauberk, the haubergeon was a shirt of mail, but it was designed to be lighter, more flexible, and less expensive. This also meant that it was less protective.

The haubergeon generally had short sleeves ending at the elbows, while the body of the garment only extended to the level of the hips or just below. This design therefore required around 30% less mail than the hauberk, but it also covered less of the body.

In December 1318, a Scottish parliament required that soldiers who could not find an aketon should equip themselves with a haubergeon (hobirgellum) instead.

How was it used?

The haubergeon was worn by a number of different types of fighting man, including better-armed mixed infantrymen, archers and light cavalry. Many such troops often had to wear just padded textile armour such as the gambeson, so although the haubergeon was less protective than the knightly hauberk, any additional metal armour was an improvement.