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Weight: 2 kg each


Mail chausses, or leggings, first appeared in the eleventh century. For the next two centuries they were an important part of a knight’s armour.

Made to fit closely to the shape of the legs and feet, they gave good basic protection against the slashes of sharp edged weapons.

How were they used?

The mail chausses were worn over long wool stockings, also called chausses, and laced to the waist cord of the underwear, or ‘braies’. They were also tied with straps just below the knees, to keep the mail firmly in place and help spread their weight. They either had leather soles sewn to the edges of the mail at the feet, or were laced under the soles of shoes worn underneath the mail.

While mail chausses were still being worn as the main leg armour by both sides at Bannockburn, it was much more common, certainly among the knights and men-at-arms, to reinforce them with additional pieces of both hard and soft armour.