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The Battle of Bannockburn website is developed to comply with the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0).

Browser Accessibility

The accessibility on browsers, including the ability to change the text size and magnification, can be customised to suit the requirements of an individual user.  Detailed guidance on modifying accessibility features on different browsers can be found on the websites of individual browser companies.

Browser Compatibility

The Battle of Bannockburn website has been tested for compatibility with the following browsers

•    Internet Explorer
•    Firefox
•    Mac Safari
•    Google Chrome

Font and Text size

All text is displayed with good contrast levels to differentiate it from the background in which it is displayed.  The font and text size are considered both clear and readable, text size can also be adjusted by browser controls. 

Internet Explorer

•    select View to expand the view drop-down menu
•    select the Text Size option
•    choose your preferred text size

Google Chrome

•    select the Chrome menu on the browser toolbar
•    select Settings
•    click Show advanced settings
•    in the Web Content section, use the Font size menu to adjust text size


•    select View to open the View menu
•    select the Text Size option
•    select Increase or Decrease

Mac Safari

•    select View to open the View menu
•    select Zoom Text Only if you only want to alter the text size on the web page
•    select Zoom In or Zoom Out


The navigation on the website is clear and consistent with the same style of navigation bar used throughout the site.  The links to other pages are all well labelled, descriptive and relevant.